Digital Proteomics at ASMS 2018

For the first time in Digital Proteomics’ history, the American Society for Mass Spectrometry‘s annual conference will be held in our hometown, San Diego! We are excited to play host to our friends, collaborators, and customers from around the world. Stop by our Booth 400 in the main exhibit hall to hear about the latest work at Digital Proteomics.

Don’t forget to stop by our posters describing our collaborations to characterize and discover novel antibodies.

Monday, June 4 Poster 064 “Serum Antibody Proteogenomics and the Hidden Repertoire” which highlights our antibody discovery technology Alicanto®.

Monday, June 4 Poster 067 “Molecular Networking for the Characterization of Glycosylation on Antibodies” which highlights our molecular networking tool Quorum Cloud®

Wednesday, June 6 Poster 062 “Applying de novo Top-Down and Middle-Down MS/MS Strategies Towards the Discovery of Novel Polyclonal Antibodies from Ebola/Zika Convalescent Sera”

Check back after the American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting for the poster reprints.

Digital Proteomics is now Abterra Biosciences!

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